Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Miniature Wargames Conversions - Conversion Contest this Month!

I'm spreading the word for a contest my fellow writers and I are hosting over at MWC.


Are these Doldrum Winter Months getting you down?

Do you have the Post Holiday Blues in the worst way?
Feel like you are loosing your Hobby Mojo
 and need a kick in the arse to get it back?

Well look no further cause we have an   
Awesome Hobby Contest for you!   
The Brand New   
Miniature Wargame Conversion Contest!

So what's the deal?
Here it is: This is a Warhammer 40k Vehicle Conversion Contest. If it's in any Codex or Forge World publication, has an Armour Facing Value and is designed for use in a 2000pt army, it's eligible.

Show us your Coolest Pimped Out Tanks, your most Unusual Walkers, your most Venerable Dreadnoughts, your Wickedest Flyers or anything else you can think of just as long as it is a vehicle. No Infantry, Monsters, Daemons or nurglings allowed. Also, no superheavies (Sorry Guardsmen)

What are we looking for?
Conversion Skillz! We want to see your greenstuff sculpting, use of plasticard, splicing of pieces, kitbashing and out-of-the-box thinking. Only UNPAINTED entries will be accepted. If it's painted we won't enter it...Period.

Who will be voting?
You will! The vote will be public like out past contests open to EVERYONE. But seriously if you cheat..we will find you, we have in the past and we will again.

What will you win?
Well we are in the process of collecting a ton of great prizes form various hobby companies! Hitech MiniaturesKabuki ModelsVoodooWorx and Secret Weapon Miniatures are onboard with virtual vouchers and other goodies as well as a FLGS with a gift certificate. There will be Miniatures, Gift Certificates and much, much more cool swag all wrapped up into 3 Tight Prize Packages for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place and even a sweet 4th place runner up prize voted on by the staff.  There will also be a category for Staff Entries, but we won't be winning anything. There will be an updated post with more prize information as we gather it in the near future.

Currently what we have for Prize support is:
(We are currently figuring out where SWM would best fit but most likely into first place. The prizes listed below are confirmed. It is very likely more will be added before the contest actual begins.)

1st Place
$100 Gift Certificate to Kabuki Models!!!!!!!
1 Model voucher to Hitech Miniatures (Can be redeemed for any model)

2nd Place
$25 Gift Certificate to a FLGS
1 Model voucher to Hitech Miniatures (Can be redeemed for any model)

3rd Place
$15 Gift Certificate to VoodooWorx
1 Model voucher to Hitech Miniatures (Can be redeemed for any model)

What do you need to send us?
No more than 4 pictures of your masterpiece along with the banner at the top of this article printed out an photographed in one image (for security purposes).We are also willing to accept your conversion in front of your computer screen with the contest page in the background.

Send Image files (high resolution preferably) only along with a short description of your conversion to HERE We will contact you via your submission email after voting has been tallied.

What are you waiting for?
Put on your thinking caps and break out your hobby knives! You have until March 16th to get us pictures of your conversions! Voting will begin a few day afterward.

A More detailed explanation of the rules can be found in THIS POST

Now go spread the word! The more entries we have the more likely this will become a regular thing.

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