Saturday, 14 July 2012

Old Glory WMIKs

Here is one of the Command Decision WMIKs from Old Glory.  I've stuck it together with Blu Tack (although it's orange) at the moment.

I thought the model was quite nice, with plenty of moulded-on extra details like netting and ammo boxes.
Here are some more pics assembled, trying to show that detail.

And here's all the bits you get:
There were also some extra wheels, I think there is enough to mount a spare for each of the 4 vehicles. I only got 3 of the LMGs, but since the crew come with a pose including an LMG, I didn't really need any.
And finally a comparison shot with a range of figures:
Left to right : Irregular US, QRF modern British with SA80, Peter Pig militia, and Cannon Fodder militia

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