Friday, 13 July 2012

Warmachine Slow Grow Update

 Last time our group got together for our day of gaming Dan
may have broken his arm and had pokéballs thrown at him
while he was down, but we also played a lot of games! We
moved up to 25 points this session and played the No Mans
Land scenario. This week saw a big difference in how peoples
 armies were able to react to threats and cover the table.

One of the biggest things to come up during the day was
 the fact that you need to be completely within the scoring
 zone to contest or capture it. People either were not in it
 fast enough or they would move / be pushed out and lose
 the game. Some people liked the strategy involved and some
 people felt cheated by this. TQ made a post about this on his new blog.
 He won a game because his opponent moved out of the scoring zone
 and he felt like it was a dirty win. What are your thoughts on winning on
 such a fluke? TQ personally wanted to just keep playing even though he
 was about to be crushed but as the keeper of the league I called it as I
saw it and told him he won due to his opponent getting kill hungry.

 I also owned my brother after he bragged about how I would
 never assassinate his caster with my eThagrosh all beast list.
 Manifest Destiny HO!
He had the nerve to tell me I would not assassinate his caster.
We are looking forward to playing again soon and when we do
 I will be sure to update on  the groups progress as we move toward
 our goal of painted 50point armies!

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