Thursday, 12 July 2012

Will DESIGN 4 MODELS!!!! <--Say what?

Have you asked yourself "Where did he get that awesome header for his Wargaming blog?"

Do you have an army that needs some custom decal design to "Take it to the next level"

Do you need some Graphic/ Web Design work done for hobby site but don't know who to ask?


I will turn out Awesome Custom Graphic Design for your wargame / hobby related blog, website or army for trade! Yes I accept payment in models! Crazy, I know right?

Here's the deal, I love wargame model making and I also love wargame blogs/sites but I love Graphic Design as well. However, with recent positive changes to my family life (My firstborn son is due any day now) I've had to shift my financial obligations away from little plastic dudemen and towards my growing family.

This means less money for models :(
The solution, do awesome Design work for trade :)

So HIT ME UP on my profile in the sidebar if you want Design work.
My turn around times are fast and my work is quality, just check out some samples below:

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