Thursday, 19 July 2012

6mm Argentine Heavy Weapons

Today its the Heroics and Ros USR2 - WW2 US Heavy Weapons code.  I picked up a bag of these looking for heavy weapons for my Argentine forces, with the same reasoning that lead me to select USR1 - WW2 US Infantry as a possible option for infantry forces.  Don't forget to click the pictures for larger versions.

First up, the command strip.  It seems that most of the H&R WW2 "weapons" codes includes the ubiquitous command strip.  These consist of two three-man command teams as below, inclusive of radio operators.  Certainly workable for my purposes, but there is a little flash around the second operator from the left.

 Next, the Mortar/Bazooka Strip.
 This is the real reason I picked selected USR2 - WW2 US Heavy Weapons: Bazookas!
Quite a useful strip:
  • One figure with flamethrower (not useful for this conflict, but he can be put away for other duties)
  • Two-man Bazooka team (note that there is some sprue connecting the rear of the bazooka to the Assistant for casting purposes that needs to be trimmed - it's not some massive oversized bazooka!)
  • Three-man Heavy Mortar team
  • Two-man Light Mortar team
And finally, the MG Strip.
This strip is less useful.  Many of the MGs are obviously older WW2-era models which are unsuitable for the Argentine inventory of MAG MGs and US 0.50cal's.  The MG in the middle is an obvious water-cooled model.  Maybe with some judicious filing?  The final AA MG is useful "straight out of the box", as is the engineer/mine sweeper.

And there you have it.
The crucial item I am missing is 105mm Recoiless Rifles....more on those another day.
Tomorrow : some Argentine vehicles...

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