Thursday, 19 July 2012

6mm Argentine Vehicles

I picked up a number of helicopters (and a Pucara) as part of the recent order from Heroics and Ros, but these really need to be assembled to be appreciated, so I'l be putting up some pics of those when I get that done.
Also for the Argentines I picked up a few vehicles.  Because of the soft peat that constitues about 80% of the islands, most vehicles had to stick to the few roads, or risk getting heavily bogged down.
First up FM06 - AML H 90. (click the pics for a larger image)
 This is a nice model.  The body and turret are separate pieces.  The Argentines had a number of these landed at Stanley, but they apparently never left the town.  I'm still going to pick up a few for some what-if scenarios, and they are useful for a range of post-WW2 conflicts.

Next we have USM13 - LVTP-7 and US38 - Jeep.
These are nice, single part casts.  The one issue with the single cast approach is that there is a large piece of flash/sprue beneath the gun on the LVTP to enable it to be cast.  I'm uncertain whether to paint it out, or attempt to cut.  Further investigation required...

The LVTP's obviously were involved in the original landing, so I'll be using them to game those, and maybe some what-if scenarios as well.

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