Thursday, 19 July 2012

6mm Temperate DPM - better pics

Some better pics of the first attempt to do 6mm DPM for my Falklands UK forces.  Clicking on the pics should give you a larger image.
Here is the half section I've done to date.  The figures are a mix of Heroics and Ros M5-British Infantry (helmets) and M14 Royal Marines (berets).  I've given the beret figures a green beret as I suspect my early games will be Royal Marine Commandos rather than the Paras or the Guards.
I'm very happy with my experiment using scatter to scrim the helmets.  I've done it here as an experiment, but in future I'll only be doing it as the final precursor to sealing the figures with a flat varnish (after the bases are all done).
Probably needs some further experimentation with colour and technique, but overall I'm pretty happy.  The flesh colour I used was too runny, which created issues, particularly with the marine on the left.

I have three more bases to do that have only had the base uniform colour at the moment.  The four bases you see below are the product of mixing one strip each of the two codes (M5 and M14), with two figures firing Carl Gustav or similar put into a bag for later.

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

6mm temperate DPM roughly

I have been drowned under a wave of work of late, so no further progress on the Reading List, as all of my communiting time is currently spent emailing and writing proposals.
My cable internet has failed the last couple of nights, so while I've been sitting on hold for an hour each night, I put together a couple of infantry bases and have started to play with painting DPM.
Here is a blurry picture of last night's effort, as the SD card for my main camera has given up the ghost and I had to take this with my phone.
More pics soon as my wife just called to say the internet is dead again, so I have another hour on-hold to tech support planned for this evening.....

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